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Moon over Duke Energy Tower in Charlotte NC

Full moon rising over Duke Energy Tower in Charlotte NC

Driving home from an evening photo assignment the other day, I had the good fortune of spotting the full moon rising over the Charlotte skyline. Taking a photo of just the moon by itself is never fun, so I zig-zagged through the city streets looking for a building to line it up with. The Duke Energy Tower made the perfect partner.

In 2009, I was able to photograph the full moon rising over Bank of America tower. This series shows the path of the moon around the tower that night. While I had happened upon the moon rising over the Duke Energy Tower the other day, I’d purposefully set out to photograph the moon against Bank of America tower after hearing meteorologists talking about how large the moon would seem that night.

Photo of full moon over Bank of America tower in Charlotte NC

Photo of full moon above Bank of America tower in Charlotte NC

Photo of Bank of America tower and full moon in Charlotte NC

It was very dramatic. We turned the photo into a postcard and it’s been one of our best sellers.

Photographing the moon against a skyline is challenging. Still, if you think through the likely path the moon will follow (I’ll often scout the path a few nights before the shoot), position yourself correctly, and then stay patient, you might be rewarded with a few good images. I can’t count the number of times I scouted the perfect location to capture the setting sun or a full moon rising against the Charlotte skyline (or a lighthouse, or interesting building), only to have a cloud float into place and kill the shot. Technology and PhotoShop could solve this dilemma, but I want my images to be real (with adjustments only for color saturation).

So if you happen to check out the links to my Charlotte skyline photos (below) and wonder about the vibrant colors of the sky in many of the images, yes, the sky really was brilliant pink or cobalt blue or Easter-egg purple on the days I took the photos. Often, during the 45 minutes or so as the sun sets (or rises) the color of the sky will transform itself many times, like in these photos, taken on December 15, 2010:

Charlotte skyline photo illustrating sky color transformation as sun sets over Charlotte NC

Charlotte skyline color transformation by sun

Setting sun transforms the color of the sky over Charlotte NC

Photo of Charlotte skyline changing vibrancy as sun sets

Charlotte NC skyline photo of sky color transformation at dusk

Photo: Charlotte NC skyline at dusk

Photography of Charlotte NC skyline after the sun as set.

The next image wasn’t from the photo shoot that night, but it shows what I’m talking about when the sky turns purple over Charlotte.

Purple sky over Charlotte NC skyline with Bank of America tower in photo

A few years ago, I set a goal of photographing the Charlotte skyline from every possible angle. I identified at least a dozen locations to shoot from, and have been knocking them off my list. Don’t the following images show how Charlotte has become one of the most-dynamic Southern cities?

This link goes to a gallery of my newest skyline images:

A larger collection of skyline photos are housed in this gallery:

If you know of angles on the Charlotte skyline that I haven’t already taken photos from, please let me know. If I can make some nice photos from an angle you suggest, I’ll thank you with some prints of the photos I create.

And yes, if anyone is wondering, we do sell framed art of our images. We do the custom framing ourselves. Just call or email for information.

Finally, I’ll end this blog entry with some of my favorite Charlotte skyline images. I like how the sun turned the buildings gold for just a few minutes, completely transforming the look of downtown Charlotte. I took these photos in December 2011.

Photo of Duke Energy Tower in Charlotte NC at sunset.

Photo of Duke Energy Tower in Charlotte NC at sunset.

Photo of the Charlotte NC skyline during a brilliant / golden sunset.

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